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Las Vegas Air Conditioning Repair

We place a strong importance on continued training and customer care.  That’s how we know we won’t let you down.  Our air conditioning repair technicians are all people we trust and admire.  Every one of them works as hard as they can, both at keeping air conditioners in great shape and at keeping every customer protected and informed.

We’re comfortable with every AC unit in Las Vegas and Henderson, and can help with emergency repairs, scheduled air conditioning repair, ongoing maintenance, inspections, and tips to keep your system operating with peak energy efficiency.

The Cutting Edge of Air Conditioning Repair Systems

Our owners and managers are famously attentive to detail.  That same quality has become important for everyone working at Heating Repair Now, from phone operators to technicians.  It helps us to catch mistakes others might miss, and to stay until the job is done.

Our digital and traditional diagnostic tests are fully effective at keeping your AC system operating at peak performance.  We’re familiar with and use the newest air conditioning repair technologies.

Air conditioning repair Las Vegas is a competitive industry.  We know that to succeed, we need happy customers.  We have them.  Our focus on training, technology, and details shine through and allow us to offer a warranty that is unmatched in the valley.  If you’re not happy with your air conditioning repair for any reason, let us know.  We can fix it.

Air Conditioning, Energy Costs, and Your Health

Your AC unit has a powerful impact on two areas: your power bill and your own health.  Through years of training and specialization, we’ve acquired deep knowledge about both.

  1. Energy efficiency.  When nighttime temperatures climb over 100 degrees, your air conditioning system is going to be working very hard.  The smallest increases in energy efficiency will turn into big savings in peak use months.  Our technicians are trained to offer tips and advice that will lower your power bill, but don’t be afraid to ask for more.  All of our guys are experts and can save you plenty of money over time.
  2. Health.  The quality of the air you breathe while asleep is more important than you might now.  Most of us breathe through the mouth while sleeping, where our bodies own air filters are less prominent.  We’ve learned a lot about allergies, respiratory issues, and how air quality affects our lives.

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